Kathy Muir Photography

At The Table

There are some images you see and like because, well, they are what they are. Then there are those images which symbolize something but you’re actually not sure what. The image projects itself onto you and in turn your mind creates its own projection, which then stirs emotion. With this photo, I was playing volleyball in the late afternoon sun with a young friend of mine, Takis, and became distracted by the sun casting its evening light onto the hollow of a tree. There were three stubby logs positioned around the perimeter of one side of the tree, with long shadows four times their size. In the middle was a disused pallet leaning on its side like an old soldier.

I continued to play volleyball for a few more minutes but had that feeling I get when I know I'll regret it if I don't take a photo. So, I asked for a timeout, ran over and grabbed my camera and went over to the tree to enjoy looking at my subject. Photos are about energy, imparting an emotion but hoping it will last more than a second. Taking the right composition means everything. I took a photo with the whole image in view, then walked closer letting the scene reveal itself, and took one or two more shots from different angles and positions.

Once home, this was the photo that captured what I felt when first I saw this evening beach scene. If you were to have a caption for the photo, what would yours be?

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